Dear Parent,

Welcome to Adoption Safe & Sound! Congratulations on making the decision to deepen the bonds of relationship with your child.

At its core, this course is designed to help you, more clearly, understand the feelings and thoughts of your adopted child, to offer ways to safely navigate tender topics, and to suggest sound and empowering strategies to uplift and encourage.

My vision for you is to build the most loving and healthy relationship with your adopted child, whether that child is a newborn, nearly grown, or on their own. If you’re in the early stages of parenting or a veteran in the role, I’d like you to consider this:

The only true suffering we have in this life is the love that we have not fully expressed. In other words, love is essential. Everything within this course is built on the foundation of love. Start from this place and anything is possible!

I’ve had the privilege of reaching thousands of people, to date, through my work and was honored to be named a “world voice on adoption,” by Adoption Australia. My story began as a foster child in the United Kingdom. Through international adoption, I became a naturalized citizen of America. Today, I’m a proud dual citizen of both countries. I’m also the mother of three children (2 boys and a girl) — two of whom were delivered via Russia and Ethiopia; and I’m a wife and passionate advocate for my adoption and foster community.

Along with my work as an author and speaker, I’m a Life Wellness Coach assisting individuals in abandonment recovery, identity reconciliation, and those seeking lasting lifestyle improvement. Mostly, though, I’m a human being who knows intimately the feelings, thoughts, emotions and behaviors of living within the skin of adoption, along with parenting two children who also live within this skin. These areas of experience are where I offer great value to you, as you walk the path of parenting your adopted child, or children.

I’m deeply dedicated to what I do and I wake up every morning extremely grateful for the lessons I’ve learned as both an adoptee and adoptive parent. Lessons that I have synthesized into tools, strategies, and philosophies that have made it possible for me, and many others, to embrace our adoption stories and move forward with healthy and happy lives.

I invite you to put aside any preconceived notions, conventions or fears that you may currently hold about parenting your child, and open yourself to the guidance shared here. While I don’t pretend to have all the answers, my goal is to help you find yours.

This course will ask you to dig deep into your soul, make parenting decisions from your heart, and explore each tool, strategy, and philosophy with an open mind.

I honor you for taking this step and I’m here to stand for you, and with you, along this parenting journey.